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IPMD is the diverse and unified voice of the independent community pharmacy owners of Maryland. We came together in 2018 to protect our beloved profession of Pharmacy and safeguard our business interests from the predatory practices of pharmacy benefit managers (PBM’s). Our singular goal is to preserve the remaining independent pharmacies in Maryland so that we can continue to be viable and essential small businesses in the communities we serve.

IPMD activities are twofold:

First, IPMD is a hub for the coordination of independent pharmacy business strategies through group-think idea sharing among its constituent owners. Group idea share occurs both virtually via real-time engagement daily and also quarterly at our in-person group meetings where our agenda is both discussed and planned for the future.

Second, IPMD engages in the political process at the State level to impart change in our troubled industry. Political action has become necessary in Maryland because prior attempts at curtailing unfair PBM business practices by other mechanisms have not been successful.


Our work with the Maryland State Legislature endeavors to achieve two things:

1) Educate our State delegates and senators on the complex financial pharmacy issues facing independent community pharmacies and the pharmaceutical industry.

2) Enact and/or combat legislation that ultimately protects and furthers the interests of independent community pharmacies, enabling those businesses to remain viable in their respective patients’ communities.


We are advocating for change!

IPMD’s goal is to seek equal financial reimbursement and network access from PBM’s who inequitably act as payers and recipients in the chain pharmacies they own in Maryland. Paying themselves more for the same services rendered is wrong and creates a financial disparity in our industry. This practice has forced many independently owned pharmacies to close.


The creation of a level financial playing field will ensure our survival. Currently, many independent pharmacies across the State are very much in financial jeopardy and are in constant fear of losing their businesses due to negative reimbursements, clawbacks, unfair audits, and overall corporate greed from the PBM’s.

We believe that our profession is an essential and critical component to the health and well-being of Marylanders. Independent pharmacies are being irreparably harmed by the predatory practices of the PBM’s. As a result, our collective efforts and political advocacy are focused squarely on fighting PBM’s and their unfair business practices
that continue to erode our profession and create financial uncertainty for its members.

For those pharmacists in Maryland who are suffering similarly or for those citizens that would simply like to help our cause, please join us in our fight for equality and help us save independent pharmacies in Maryland!

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